covers & co-writes

Marti Jones covers: “Heart and Bone” (Ryan), Walking To Brazil” (Ryan), “Little Wires” (Ryan) and “You Solve Me” (Ryan/DeMain) for her CD You’re Not The Bossa Me.

Marti Jones & Don Dixon “Walk Outside” (Dixon/Ryan)
Co-written with Dixon for the duet CD, LIVING STEREO, released in 2011.

Jesse Valenzuela “How It Works” (Ryan/Valenzuela)
Originally on astroPuppees 2002 release, LITTLE CHICK TSUNAMI. Jesse’s version will appear on his upcoming second solo release.

Bel Divioleta “Criticaran” (Ryan/Demain) Spanish language version of “Mumblin A Goodbye”, which appears on astroPuppees LOST VALENTINES.

Marshall Crenshaw “Passing Through” (Marshall Crenshaw/Kelley Ryan)& “Just Snap Your Fingers” (Marshall Crenshaw/Kelley Ryan)Kelley co-wrote these 2 songs with Marshall for his 2009 CD, Jaggedland.

Marti Jones & Don Dixon “Lucky Stars” (Kelley Ryan/Jesse Valenzuela)Title cut of the duo’s 2008 release, Lucky Stars: New Lullabies For Old Souls.

Don Dixon & The Jump Rabbits “Always” (Marti Jones/Kelley Ryan)Dixon included his cover of the song on his CD, The Nu-Look, with Jamie Hoover and Jim Brock.

Jesse Valenzuela “Lucky Stars” (Kelley Ryan/Jesse Valenzuela)Jesse is singer/songwriter for the Gin Blossoms, and this song appears on his first solo CD, Tunes Young People Will Enjoy.

Swan Dive “Mumbling A Goodbye” Swan Dive recorded their version of the song on their 2005 CD, Popcorn And A Mama Who Loves Me Too.

Marti Jones “Always” (Marti Jones/Kelley Ryan)Kelley duets with Marti on a song they wrote together in Kelley’s studio in Los Angeles. This song is on Marti’s CD, My Tidy Doily Dreams.

Marti Jones “Innocent Kiss” (Don Dixon/Kelley Ryan)Another song from My Tidy Doily Dreams. Kelley and Dixon also wrote this one in Kelley’s studio for Marti.

James Armstrong “What Would I Do (For Your Love)” (Fontaine Brown/R. Lily/Kelley Ryan) Kelley co-wrote this the producers for James Armstrong’s Dark Night CD on HighTone.

Yuko Yamaguchi “Angelica” (Robin Eaton/Kelley Ryan) Japanese artist Yuko Yamaguchi included this on her CD after hearing the track that was eventually used on Pet. Kelley sent the track to co-writer Robin Eaton and he played it for Yuko at her recording session in Nashville. It was released in 1998.

Indiana “15 Seconds” (Kelley Ryan) Indiana is a female duo from Belgium who record for Polydor Records. Their producer contacted the Bug Music office in London looking for songs. Bug’s Paul Jordan sent them a copy of Kelley’s “15 Seconds” that would later appear on Pet. It came out in Europe as a single in 1998.

Chocolat “Girls Talk” (Bill DeMain/Kelley Ryan/Chocolat) Co-writer Bill DeMain’s band Swan Dive is very successful in Japan and he was asked to submit a song for the new Chocolat album. He and Kelley had written a song together called “Mumblin’ A Goodbye” that Kelley recorded after Pet was completed. Bill sent it and they loved it so much that they asked Kelley and Bill to produce it for Chocolat which they did. Chocolat wrote the Japanese lyric and called it “Girl’s Talk”. (Kelley is singing the backgrounds on it!) Released in 1999.

Swan Dive “Girl On A Wire” (Bill DeMain/Kelley Ryan) Originally co-written and recorded by Kelley as part of the Little Chick Tsunami sessions. V2 Records released Swan Dive’s version in Japan in June 2001.